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ZUS Arts and Skate Fest

Stay tuned für ein Festival im Zeichen von „Zusammen“ – Zusammensein, Zusammenkommen, ZUS! Das Art and Skate Festival findet vom 12. bis 13.8. in Hamburg statt und vereint Ausstellungen, Performances, Konzerte und Filmscreenings zu dem Thema in und an verschiedenen Loca­tions in der Stadt. Gemeinsam mit lokalen und internationalen Künstler*innen, Initiativen und dem Verein für Skateboardkultur e.V. stellt das ZUS Kunst und Skateboardkultur eine Bühne im urbanen Kontext.

Bei uns laufen mehrere (Kurz-)Filmpremieren mit einer voraussichtlichen Gesamtlaufzeit von ca. 90 Minuten. Unter anderem dabei sind Beiträge von Phil Evans, Valentin Schmeißer, George Patias, Jonas Strecke und weiteren! Genaue Infos findet ihr auf der Instagramseite von @zus_fest.

HYPNOTIZED by Valentin Schmeißer
short film, art film; ~2-3min; Germany 2022

Valentin Schmeißer is a filmmaker and musician who is currently based in Hamburg and studies film at the Academy of Fine Arts. He is fascinated by moving images in combination with sound and is mainly doing experimental short movies on analog film like Super 8 or 16mm merged with self created sound-designs and film scores. Alongside his studies he is composing and releasing his own music.

Flickering lights on screens are part of our new reality. Our brain prompts us to see more of it. We move in a digital world, a consumption spiral that we can hardly escape.

EXILE by George Patias & Jonas Strecke
short film, skate film; ~3min; Greece/Germany

George Patias and Jonas Strecke are filmmakers from Thessaloniki, Greece and Hamburg, Germany. Both of them work with tape camcorders mostly and teamed up to shoot the short skate film EXILE - Analogue video synthesis of brutalist images relative to both countries today.

Own Little World by Mike Mag  
short film, skate film; ~3min; Brasil

Mike Mag is a skateboarder and artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He has gained a reputation for his series of skate video parts in which he travels to various adventurous destinations using only the Sony VX1000 and guerrilla tactics to get around and shoot skateboarding with various friends along the journeys. His filmmaking journey for his ongoing series include trips to the southernmost tip of South America, a one month journey down the Amazon River and train hopping through Brasil.

Being accused of sometimes living in his Own Little World, the fourth installation of the skate film series is built around an imaginary theater based on three acts. Perhaps his most experimental, playful and childlike project yet.

Pig Barrier DIY by Phil Evans
documentation; ~30min; english; Sweden 2022

Phil Evans is an Irish director & animator currently based in Malmö Sweden. He mainly works in analogue formats, be it with animated shorts, commercials and documentary projects.
Pig Barrier DIY is shot completely on Super 8 film, this documentary tells the story about the first city-sanctioned DIY space, the "Pig Barrier" skate spot in Malmö, Sweden.

Kurzfilme, Dokumentation, Abenteuer, Sport; Deutsch, Englisch mit Untertiteln
Regie: Valentin Schmeißer, Phil Evans, George Patias, Jonas Strecke, Mike Mag
Deutschland, Schweden, Griechenland, Brasilien 2022, 90 Min.